Can LED lights with a momentary switch be tracked using Bluetooth on a device like a clicker

I want to track if a student is touching the correct button while being in a separate room, via a clicker device.

I have four buttons that have LEDs and light up via a simple momentary switch. Which the student can push. I would like to have those same set of 4 buttons on a clicker like device. I would like the clicker buttons to light up exactly when the student touches the correct LED momentary switch in the other room.

Is this possible? And how could I do this?

Thank you so much for your help in advance!!

by Hbkucera
May 25, 2022

I will probably use a couple of ESP32 (one to emit, one to receive) as described in many places (such as such a place), and that is for the wireless communication. Note that other protocols are usable, such as LoRa and BLE, dependent on the distance involved. To detect the button push, it is even easier, since this is a matter to detect if there is a voltage or not, which is a basic interface for the MCU, simply done using a GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pin. You will need 4 GPIO pins still available on the MCU (one per NO switch that you wish to monitor) and then, the relevant interrupt can then send the relevant message to the other ESP32 through the wireless already established communication. The receiving ESP32 can then determine, by software, if the right button (or the right sequence of buttons, within a given amount of time) has been pushed and if so, it will itself send a PWM (pulse width modulation) signal to a speaker to which it will be wired. That solution implies and hardware and software though and may be a little bit "roughly steppy" if you don't already know a little of both.

by vanderghast
May 26, 2022

Sorry for the url which doesn't work. Here the address:

by vanderghast
May 26, 2022

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