What is the difference between a shielded inductor and one with a toroid core?

Hi guys, I have a circuit. that requires 7v to function properly. I have a 5v out voltage from a power bank charger.

So I need a further 2v for the circuit to run effectively, I was thinking of building a joule thief for the extra 2v needed.

My question is would it make a difference if I used a shielded inductor like this one


or does it have to be the one with the toride core.

Also any suggestions as to the components i can use for the joule thief circuit to get it from 5v to 7v .

Thank you.

by Rhine
February 08, 2023

You should use a DC to DC Step Up Converter. 5V to 12V are relatively common (thanks to USB ports supplying 5V). Check Amazon, if there are none at Robotic. Be sure to get the desired Amperage too, which can be another limiting factor.

by vanderghast
February 08, 2023

Thank you for your answer. I did think of the boost converter option,

I do have this boost converter. https://www.robotics.org.za/MT3608-2A?search=boost

however, when I connect it to the output from the power bank USB and then connect the output from the converter to my load circuit it doesn't work. So, i think it's the power banks BMS board that's picking up that the boost converter circuit is pulling to much of V or A and stopping the output.

Hence my thinking was the joule thief to add that extra 2v and might not be as needy as the boost converter.

I will try a smaller boost converter like you suggested. :-)

by Rhine
February 09, 2023

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