Kitchen Lights need dimming with on/off smart switch.

I’ve got six canned LED lights in my kitchen connected to one Lutron Caseta smart switch. On/Off (not a dimmer. They are very bright and I want to dim them without changing to a dimmer switch. I’ve tried two different Lutron Caseta smart dimmer switches and neither of them work with the lights even at full power. Is there a device I can install along with the current switch Lutron Caseta On/Off switch to just dim the lights some?

by Mike1st
January 02, 2024

First, in Canada, you are not allowed to modify the domestic electrical system if you are not an electrician. In fact, you are only allowed to remove the front plate of a switch or of an outlet, in order to paint the wall, and reinstall it after. Probably the same thing in USA.

If you find an abordable electrician, you may ask him/her if it is possible to add a PWM (pulse width modulation) gadget for AC, with the proper gadget, ULC, CSA, or other certification, for your domestic voltage. That is the most classical way to dim a LED while being energy friendly.

by vanderghast
January 07, 2024

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