I am currently working on a project that involves measuring battery voltage using a voltage divider circuit connected to a microcontroller's ADC pin. During my bench testing, everything seems to be working correctly; however, when I connect the battery in the actual scenario with two BLDC motors as a load, I encounter an unexpected issue.

Upon running the motors, I observe an increase in the voltage of the voltage divider output. The voltage divider input is parallel to the high-current line, and this seems to be affecting the accuracy of my voltage measurements.

I've ensured that the ADC pin is 1.8V tolerant, and the conversion values match the power supply voltage in the bench setup. However, the introduction of the BLDC motors appears to be causing interference.

I would greatly appreciate your insights and suggestions on how to mitigate this issue. Is there a recommended solution or additional measures I can take to ensure accurate voltage measurements in the presence of high-current loads?

by sreeragmt
January 30, 2024
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1 Answer

Answer by hamacias

Hi, Can you share the schematic of the voltage divider. take in mind that the voltage divider can be good calculated to be stable.

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by hamacias
February 01, 2024

We need to see a schematic diagram of your whole setup

by Foxx
February 02, 2024
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