My Depletion Mode mosfet displays as enhancement mode

I have i my hand, and am using in my project, some depletion mode N-Channel MOSFETs, part number IXTH16V20D2.

I am trying to build a very fast rapid fail-over solid state switch. It will take two 12VDC inputs, and have one 12VDC output. If the primary input fails, the output will switch to take current from the secondary input. I want to use a depletion mode MOSTFET to be "normally open" switch on the secondary, with the gate voltage coming from the primary input, so that it is "normally" energised, and hence the MOSFET acts as a closed switch.

This circuit contains a LND150 N-Channel Depletion-Mode JFET, which is set to displays as a CMOS depletion mode device - with the solid line between the drain and the source.

(in the more common enhancement mode devices that line is dashed and has three segments).

I see there are three options availble for the DISP parameter of the MOSFET devices: CMOS; ENH; and ENH_BD.

None of these correctly display a depletion mode mosfet, which should have three lines, one with an arrow, hard to explain in text... In other words there is no "Depletion MOSFET" DISP option.

I see there is no specific depletion mode MOSFET devices available in the standard components, but I am using them in my project, so I am using a N-Channel MOSFET and trying to make it behave as a depletion mode device by changing it's parameters.

I have adjusted the V_TO parameter of my n-channel depletion mode MOSFET to be -2V, as this is the threshold Vgs voltage given on the IXTH16N20D2 data sheet.

Has anyone else got a power (not small signal) N-Channel MOSFET model working in depletion mode?

by murfett-au
March 02, 2024

1 Answer

Answer by michaelnavigator81

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March 14, 2024

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