Time domain simulation of sine wave 50KHz signal for me does not work

I am using micro-soft edge version 87 (64 bit) browser. Seems to work great. but the public circuit above with 50KHz sine wave input across 100.1 K Ohm analyzed at step times of 20 us for 600 us gives a pretty wierd result. definitely not a steady 50 KZ signal. What am I doing wrong?

by ProfBennett
January 01, 2021

When results are weird and wonderful the first thing to look at is step time. I set the step time to 0.1e-6 and stop time to 50e-6 and the result at "B" looks perfectly logical. I don't know what you were doing with SW1 and "A" so I didn't chase it

by Foxx
January 18, 2021

Got it, Thanks! sine wave works and then I put in a 100KHz voltage source, took out the switch and got the triggers every ten micros at A that I wanted.

by ProfBennett
January 19, 2021

Glad you got what you wanted. Have you looked at the laplace block? With the appropriate transfer function this would get the same results much more simply.

by Foxx
January 20, 2021

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