Direction of current

Do circuitlab measurements use the direction of the flow of electrons or does it use the direction of conventional current? Like when I find the direction of current by looking at the sign of the current value I see when I hover over the resistor, is the sign indicating the direction of conventional current or is it indicating the direction that the electrons flow?

by Thuvarakaa
February 17, 2021

I've also found the CircuitLab conventons re current directions a bit complicated but take a look at the textbook section 2.14. It explains CircuitLab conventions although I've found it requires careful study

by Foxx
February 28, 2021

re conventional/electron flow for currents. I spent many years as an electrical engineer and always used conventional current; in my experience attempts to talk or write electron flow quickly quickly collapse in confusion. At the physics level, inside semiconducting materials you have to be very specific as current can be carried by either electrons or holes(missing electrons)

by Foxx
February 28, 2021

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