reCAPTCHA has totally ruined experience for me, any way to disable it?

Is there are any way to disable reCAPTCHA? Why is deleting a circuit so RIDICULOUSLY SLOW and complicated?

by bjelokur
January 01, 2017

Hi bkelokur, no. We currently require recaptcha for deleting circuits as it is a non-reversible operation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

by mrobbins
January 05, 2017

Requiring a CAPTCHA for a logged-in, paying user to delete their own work is not a good solution.

How about a simple "Are you sure?" dialog?

A CAPTCHA would make sense if there were a problem with bots accessing user accounts maliciously and deleting circuits. I'm guessing that's never happened.

by OakBloodThree
February 06, 2024

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