Can anyone help me figure out how to design degital circuits ?

I am trying to build circuits for my electrical engineering class.(So like simulating and testing boolean expression and different gates etc.) But circuit lab is a bit different from the software we use for the class.

For example, there isn't a "Signal" as input or a "output".. I am a bit confused..

If you know how to do it please let me know!! Thank you!!

by tylerlu94
October 06, 2015

I am new as well ,but this might help. check the digital-and-embedded examples in Forums section.

by wale422
October 06, 2015

Please see:

and this might help:

Note that digital elements in CL:

1) Have a fixed input hysteresis that real devices may not.

For an example of how this may mislead, see:

2) Operate on an assumed, fixed 5V supply.

by signality
October 07, 2015

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