Linking to other tools (the lack of it!)

I have seen several previous comments re the desire to import or export from or to other design tools for the purpose of PCB design, BOM etc but am disappointed (given the dates of those posts) that I have seen no response or even just feedback that this is "on the books" or not.
I really like circuit.lab but it is a pain that once I have finished a design that I effectively have to start again with schematic capture in another package (E.g. Kicad, Fritzing etc) to create a PCB. There is a real risk that should I get "comfortable" in another package that offers me schematic, analysis and PCB support in an integrated fashion that I will ditch circuit.lab in its favour. I like this package so please give me at least a schematic export function.

I am an electrical engineer and hobbyist

by chrisgimson
September 21, 2015

Thanks. I will be checking that out :)

by chrisgimson
September 21, 2015

Agree!! CircuitLab makes it so easy to document and edit a schematic, but I can't find a way to move it into KiCad for PCB, without redrawing it all in the clumsier KiCad schematic draw.

by llangrill
July 15, 2023

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