Temperature variation

SORRY IF POSTED in 2 SUB-FORUMS (not sure which one is more appropriate, and could not find a way to cross-reference).

I know CircuitLab cannot (yet) model the temperature increase of a component due to its thermal resistance.

What I would like to do, however, is to vary the temperature of a component "by hand" (or could be in a DC sweep parameter). One idea would be to probe the variation of the bias of a transistor circuit with temperature. One could get very sophisticated, but all I need at the moment is a way to vary V_{thermal} from its default 24-25 mV to a different value.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

by carlos1w
October 09, 2012

Thanks for the reply. I see that in the case of diodes I can simulate the change of T by changing N (I should also change I_s but that is less important right now). There does not seem to be an option/parameter like that for transistors, though.

by carlos1w
October 10, 2012

You could vary parameters such as collector current or Vbe voltage resulting from "temperature variation". Anyway, this adds extra signal resistance based on what applications you have in mind, and it takes all the fun away by staying and modelling paramaters expressed in the Ebers-Moll equation.

by Gicu
August 25, 2023

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