Simulate real time

Have it so when it you open a switch you dont have to go in to build mode and simulate

by ipelengmotsatsi
May 15, 2013

There are at least 3 ways to do this.

i) You can do sims with swept parameters where the swept parameter is the switch state.

ii) Or use the time controlled switch.

iii) Or use the voltage controlled switch (driven by a suitable pulse source).

This thread gives some more information about these techniques:

by signality
May 16, 2013

still would be cool if the simulation was just always going. You could see animations of the power flow, and realtime responses / flashers, etc.

by joiseystud
January 17, 2014

Exactly - Real time simulation is needed:

A bit more real time support would be nice. Like in the DC simulation it would be cool to have a control panel where you can adjust supply voltages and potentiometers or actually any number of values of interest.

More graphic user interaction for simulation visible directly in or near the schematic. Buttons and digital inputs must be possible to toggle.

Why not be able to attach some floating graphical objects "modifiers" and "readouts" directly to the schematic objects? With auto or on demand re-calculation.

The schematic is already a visual environment and by staying there the user can quickly indentify voltages, currents and signal shapes related to the circuit.

Does not mean the current graphs are wrong. It would just make elaborations easier and 400% more fun while in the schematic.

The little pen you have hovering the chart is where to begin the instrumentation attaching real time control and visualization tools.

by TFE
September 14, 2014

Could an LED be animated to show on/off switching? Currently the only way to tell when an LED switches is to wire an Ammeter in series with it and observe the increase/decrease in current when it turns on/off.

by HobbyLab
August 20, 2015

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