Advanced Graphing: Powerful Plotting Options

Apr 07 2012, 7:30 PM PDT · 1 comment »

The CircuitLab team is proud to release a major upgrade to the way you can display plots in the CircuitLab editor. Up until now you have only been able to plot all of your signals from the simulator's analysis on a single graph. CircuitLab now supports creating multiple different plots at once, so your traces are no longer cluttered together onto the same graph. This works for CircuitLab's DC Sweep, Time Domain, and Frequency Domain (Small-Signal AC) simulation modes.

CircuitLab Advanced Graphing Screenshot

With today's release of Advanced Graphing you are able to define which traces you want plotted on different graphs, and which traces you want plotted on the same graph. Our intuitive Advanced Graphing interface allows you to drag traces out onto new graphs, change the settings of each individual axis on each graph, and even rearrange the order of the traces.

CircuitLab Advanced Graphing Screenshot

When combined with our powerful plot expressions which we demoed in an earlier blog post, this change should make the presentation and analyzing of the results you get from the CircuitLab simulator much more powerful. Give it a try by clicking on the Advanced Graphing link right above the Run Simulation buttons.

CircuitLab Advanced Graphing Screenshot

As always, all simulation and plotting options are saved right along with your schematic, so you can easily share a circuit's public URL and the recipient will see the same plot configuration when they run the simulations in their browser.


I just found this last night (120409): great stuff chaps!

Many thanks.

by signality
April 10, 2012

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