Better microphone on telephone

Some background: My 96 year old father doesn't hear very well nor does he enunciate words very distinctly. He uses a landline phone with a buit-in speaker and microphone (instead of the hand-held device). It has become increasingly difficult to hear him speak on the phone - which leads to my questions for one of the electrical engineers on this site.

Upon taking apart the phone, I can see the two wires leading to a small microphone. Would it be beneficial (in terms of ability to pick-up sounds) to buy a microphone (presumably bigger and better) to replace the existing one? Would I need some type of amplification? Is replacing the micropone as trivial a task that I am implying? While I intend on limiting my search for 2 wire microphones - (I did notice some 3 wire microphones available) - I am wondering if I need an additional power source (probably a USB plug).?

Your thoughts will be appreciated. By the way, I bought the most expensive, large button phone with pre-dialed memory buttons I coud find. It is unlikely I can simply purchase a better phone.

by EdStegner
September 12, 2023
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