Battery capacity question

What's better for replacing the batteries in a golf cart?

No matter the battery voltage, output must be 48V. So, the series battery combinations would be eight 6V batteries, six 8V batteries, or four 12V batteries all in series.

The battery ratings are as follows, 6V @ 225 Ah, 8V @ 170 Ah, and 12V @ 150 Ah. There is a higher Ah with the 6V batteries, however it comes at the cost of weight. Or the 12V batteries save weight, but have less Ah. The 8V batteries would fall in between the two.

When Watt Hours are calculated, the 6V have a potential of 1,350 Wh, 8V @ 1,360 Wh, and 12V @ 1,800 Wh.

Is Wh the preferred measure of capacity across the different voltages, or is there something I'm missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

by Scouters2020
December 28, 2023

1 Answer

Answer by Kdogg1998

What is your purpose of wanting to upgrade the battery?

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by Kdogg1998
December 28, 2023

Not necessarily having to upgrade, but all of the pre existing batteries are aged and unrecoverable and several terminals need redone to get it back operational. If I'm replacing the batteries already, what setup would give the most power/runtime? I know some about battery Ah and the current it can produce over a set time, but I've never had to compare different voltage batteries to each other in this manner.

by Scouters2020
December 28, 2023

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