RF Transmitter and Receiver

Hi there,

I'm in an effort of making a receiver, which is a music player that can pick the song as per the button on an RF remote.

Unlike the regular music player with the normal and extended features to go over and search for songs, this setting should give the output (that is play the song) corresponding to the key that's pressed on the remote.

For example, once the device is switched on, if there are 10 keys on the remote, each key should play the corresponding song assigned to the specific key. When you press a different key, the song associated with that key should play.

Is there any way I can make this?

A remote that has "X" number of keys and the music player with "X" number of songs which gets played only when you press that specific button.

(The setup is for an elderly person who cannot operate any other settings, physically or learn how to control more sophisticated control.)

Any help available is appreciated. Just a beginner on electronics but I can learn fast.

With good faith Antony

by Tony_MusicaFrame
August 27, 2020

Possible strategy: the remote could encode each button to a value from 0 to 255 (a byte), then send the byte to the receptor which could read the value of the byte and react accordingly.

The tactic has many pitfalls, such as interfacing the receptor with the music player. Could help if it has already bluetooth or infrared enabled controls. I don't think that you wish to build the remote and the music player from scratch, right?

by vanderghast
August 28, 2020
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1 Answer

Answer by jrareas

Hi Tony, I am also new to electronics. But, I think you would need a microcontroller to do that. Take a look at arduino, raspberry PI or ESP32.

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by jrareas
August 28, 2020
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