combining various DC supplies

Hi, I am new to electronics and would like to know if it is possable to combine the DC output from various sources? I have made a small wind generator, I have a solar panel and am thinking about building a water powered generator. Can I combine these into one output?

by David382
August 17, 2017

You can combine the outputs but require safeguards. Easier perhaps to use diodes to select just the greatest of the three outputs. Just put a diode like 1N1001 in series with each to the common load. Hope this is helpful, mike. ps - suitable for milliamps up to 1A.

by mikerogerswsm
August 23, 2017

1 Answer

Answer by febb

I agree with Mike. More complex and effective solution I think to use DC-DC voltage boosters and these 1N4001 diodes to combine currents (and power). These modules can be bought on Ebay, made in china, very cheap.

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by febb
August 25, 2017

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