voltage driven Analog switch


I'm trying to make a voltage driven analoge switch such that the input voltage would trigger the switch when getting below or above a certain voltage.

I've found a few componant that were doing what I wanted (TS3A5018) but they generaly accept low current (100mA) while I work with current around (1A) I wanted to know if a simpler design would exist or if I could use the a componant like the TS3A5018 as a drive for higher current(but I don't really know how to proceed).

thank you,

by alternatif
October 29, 2021

The idea is to use a PMOS to break the circuit loop when the voltage at its gate get close to the voltage at its source, V1. And to use a NMOS to break the circuit loop when the voltage at its gate get close to its source, here, the ground. Otherwise, the current flows.

Note that in this simple basic circuit, it is possible to have both circuits working. The TS2A5018 makes that impossible with the help of a negation logic.

If you need to control a large current/voltage (V1), just choose the PMOS and NMOS appropriately. With the TS3A5018, you can tie one of its four outputs to a transistor. BJT are often used in that case, but a NMOS is easy to use too for that purpose. Doing so, it is this new transistor who see the large current/voltage, not the IC. That is the same idea that when you interface an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi, as example.

by vanderghast
October 29, 2021

Thank you very much, I'll look into that design.

I'm not very confortable with Mosfet I havn't work with them for a long time that is why I was trying to find simpler around.

by alternatif
October 30, 2021
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