I want to report a bug.

The web site ays it supports iPad. I tried dragging and dropping components as per the documentation, and all it does is nothing.

I tried this without upgrading to a payed version. I upgraded my version to the hacker mini level, thinking that I probably needed the upgraded version. Same problem. None of the features work.

Earlier, I posted this problem. And I have a question.... what is the response time for getting my questions answered. Who answers them? The other members? or Circuit Lab.

John D.

by Jdcrunchman
March 14, 2022

About "who" answer, it is like a users' forum. Even Texas Instruments, who was one of the last companies having their employees answer questions, ... well, I didn't use the past tense for nothing.

About the time it takes. It is dependent if someone thinks to be of some help to the SPECIFIC problem. When we are not, we ... wait ... just in case there is someone ELSE would answer. And more specific details, here, using a tablet, it is harder to find someone with the required experience with the specific hardware.

So, you end with a greater wait, because those who have a hint just wait for a possible someone who has a solution. And dare to give their hint only after no solution is posted, for "some" time.

by vanderghast
March 15, 2022

1 Answer

Answer by OakBloodThree

This is the the Electronics Q&A forum. Try posting on the CircuitLab support forum instead:


+1 vote
by OakBloodThree
March 22, 2022

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