Simple Automation for a COMPLETE beginner questions

I'd like to build devices/toys/fun things like arcade games, but with super simple functions: some manual, some automated. I'm thinking maybe a joystick with left, right, back, & forward. Maybe a crane or claw, or movement on a track, or eye movements, or prerecorded audio clip(s), opening or closing hand... etc. Clearly I have no idea how it's going to turn out. BUT! What I'd like to know is: Where to get parts (cheap), are there "?circuit boards?" or some other ways to do simple tasks/algorithms pre-made...? Any ideas where to start? ............. Thank you!

by ottermedicine
June 09, 2020

I would suggest to explore the possibilities presented by a micro controller, like the Arduino Uno (to name it), or similar (micro:bit, or many others). They are cheap, popular, with many pre-made components that you can add to your projects. They also have tutorials and tools for very beginners ( 10 years old or more), with no or little math background required.

by vanderghast
June 14, 2020

Thank you "Van"! I'll look over the Arduino website. Sure sounds like you may have the right idea. I'll just drop you a quick line if things work out. Appreciate the help. I'm including the link so you can see where I'm going, Again... thanks. :) Josh

by ottermedicine
June 14, 2020
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