Simulate a button push

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Answer by mrobbins

One of many possible ways is to use a voltage-controlled switch. Then, have it be controlled by a piecewise-step signal (PWS for short) that turns on and off at the appropriate times. Here's one with that looks closed at t=1 and open again at t=2:

Click it and run the simulation. See what V(control) and V(output) look like.

See Expressions in the CircuitLab documentation for more info about PWS and related expressions.

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by mrobbins
June 17, 2017

Thanks Mike - I'm still struggling with the interface. I really didn't think I had to think about cos/sin to test-drive a circuit :) Thanks for pointing out the error of my ways.

by bit2man
June 25, 2017

No cosine and sines necessary -- those are just other expressions that are also available! :)

PWS is pretty simple. It just says to be a some voltage at some time, and then jump to another value at/after a different time.

by mrobbins
June 25, 2017

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