Pool heater controller

Hi, Hoping someone here can help me. I dabble in electronics when I'm trying to save a buck. I have a circuit board from a pool heater. A component failed which looks to be a small current transformer. There are no markings on it other than "mainstar". Is it even possible to figure out the values necessary to replace it? I can tell you that I get 24vac to the primary but have no idea what the secondary output would be. One side of the secondary goes to ground and the other goes to a resistor, if that helps.. this part of the board is for the igniter which heats up and lights the heater. I truly appreciate anyone's insight on this. I'd be happy to send a pic but I can't see where to do that here.



by Jim3
August 15, 2017

Can you get a manual from the original maker?

by mikerogerswsm
August 17, 2017

Hi, thanks for commenting. I tried, they wont even return my call or emails. I think they just want me to buy a new one for 300 bucks. Seems ridiculous for what is likely a 1 dollar part. I also think the CT may be custom built by Mainstar who I also tried to contact with no luck. So now I am thinking of recoiling it because only the primary side was damaged. But I have no idea how many turns it requires and it was pretty badly damaged. I thought about just trying to measure the length of the wire I can salvage and winding with new but if I am worried if I am several turns long or short it may make things worse. I don't know enough about transformers to know how badly a couple of turns can affect it. I would think there has to be some wiggle room?

by Jim3
August 17, 2017

Insulation is a major issue here - human life is at stake so an amateur job carries a heavy penalty. Why not go to a different manufacturer? An expensive answer but at least your failed manufacturer doesn't make money out of failure.

by mikerogerswsm
August 17, 2017

It was my fault, I shorted the board while changing the igniter but I get your point. Why risk it. I found a parts board online for 50 bucks. Trying to see if they can confirm the CT isnt the blown part and I might buy it.


by Jim3
August 17, 2017

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