Radar Bizarre

One of those thoughts I wish I know the answer to. If I fire up a round police radar antenna and put it in a trunk will it set off detectors and how much reduced range will it go to? I see they work through glass. How about wood or cardboard or metal?

by elkriverscott
August 25, 2020

Most recent radars are NOT continuously ON, they use short pulse "on demand" by the operator, so if if you detect them, it is because ... they HAVE already detected you. They can even detect that you try to detect them (remember these WWII movies where Germans patrol the streets of Paris to detect if someone was listening to British Radio ? Same principle) with the proper equipment.

Electromagnetic waves are obstructed by a metallic enclosure (ref: Faraday's cage RF Shield)

by vanderghast
August 26, 2020
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1 Answer

Answer by elkriverscott

Thank you very much. Makes sense now.

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by elkriverscott
August 26, 2020
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