Can I Use 5v Mobile power bank as an desktop's Ups(Uninterruptible power supply) - Ups ?

I've 20000mah- 5v(1A,2A - Dual usb port) usb powerbank for my mobile. Que 1:- can i use it to power the UPS System I Have (Ratings:- 600VA , input range:-140-285V , Frequency: 45-65 Hz ,Output Voltage: 220V AC) by Connecting powerbank usb port to USB DC 5V to DC 12V Step-Up Module Converter Cable and power up the 5v to 12v dc power and connect it to 400W Car Power Inverter 12V DC To 110/220V AC power adapter to power the UpS System? Ques 2:-The UPS System normally connect to decktop pc's monitor and cpu power cables.If The Ups System Work with these items i earlier mention in the question 1,how many hours for supply the power to ups system by powerbank(normally my 5v powerbank continuosly work 5hrs with fully charged )?

More Details about having equipments:- 1. 20000mah- 5V Dual Usb output ports(2A port+1A port) 2. DC 5V to DC 12V Step Up Module Usb Cable to Aligator test clip 3. DC 12V to AC 220V Car power invertor:-rated power 400W 4. 600VA UPS System (input range:-140-285V , Frequency: 45-65 Hz ,Output Voltage: 220V AC) 5.Desktop Pc(LCD Monitor+CPU)

by IjazRox
September 24, 2017

Your powerbank is 20Ah at 5V, or 100Wh. The other stages will be inefficient and lose say half of this. The remaining 50Wh doesn't sound very useful. It won't last long, just a few minutes, but you are to be congratulated on being the Heath Robinson (or Rube Goldberg) of electronics.

by mikerogerswsm
September 25, 2017

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