Can a powerful Inducter placed near a phone damage the phone?

Inducter can cause electrical current in other inducters so maybe it can mess up the circuit

by Johnnygy
February 14, 2021

Doubtfull, even if possible in theory. Note that if you wrap your cell with many turns of copper wire, you (may) get some cheap concentric transfo, but if you use two distinct doonuts of wires, side by side and not concentric, you may get a cheap "Qi" wireless energy transfert (with a poor efficiency).But even if you could transfer a small amount of power, what could kill your phone would be the speed at which you release it: the amperage. But if your phone uses an inductance, it probably has a design against its possible "back emf". That being said, you can kill any unprotected electronic with a powerful enough emf discharge (such as the result of a nuclear blast). So, unless you are near a power transformation electrical plant, I think that you are more likely to win at the lotto tant to damage our cell phone with a transfo located at a reasonable distance. But you may be of the very lucky kind, or very unlucky kind. :-)

by vanderghast
February 15, 2021

Way back when I worked for a living I visited a chemical manufacturing plant which used very high electrical currents, 300,000 or 400,000 amperes and it had signs warning people using implanted heart pacers to stay away. The perceived problem was that the high magnetic fields produced by this much current could disturb or damage the pacer. So, Johnngy I think you should worry about this only if you are dealing VERY high currents. And I doubt that your home is big enough to house the the buswork to carry this current.

by Foxx
February 15, 2021
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