Astec MVP Series Power Supply (max 600 watts)

Ok i have an Astec Mp6-1e-1L-1L-1Q-1Q-0 POWER supply. Input is 100-240Volts, 10A max, 50/60/400hz

Outputs are this= V1: 5.00v @35.0A V2= 12.00V @ 17.0A V3= 12.00V @ 17.0A V4= 24.00V @ 8.5A V5= 24.00V @ 8.5A

Now my question is this. Im new to electronics and i need a power supply for projects. I plan on using this one for now and future. How would i best use this power supply as far as hooking up alligator clips and digital vol and amp meter?

Meaning as can i somehow hook up say V1 at 5V and V2 at 12V and have 17V and 52A? Does it work that way?

Or would i be better off hooking up the V5 which is 24V@ 8.5A for higher applications and then also using the V1 at 5V and V3 at 12V so basically having 3 outputs for different applications. Im not too sure how to do this. Any advice?

by rizarecta07
July 25, 2017

Each of the outputs is a set voltage, so you can use all three at the same time if you want. The supply looks like it has a 5V rail, two 12V rails, and two 24V rails. You can use one or all of the supplies depending on what you want to power. If you want to power some 5V logic circuits with a 12V fan and 24V relay, you can use all three.

by angelorometo
August 04, 2017

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