AC to DC variable power supply

I am very new and inexperienced with power supply's. I have been slowly fine tuning a project I have been working on. And I am looking for a power supply that I cannot seem to find. I need one AC120V input. DC 0-48V 0-50amp output. I need to be able to vary the output for fine tuning. I am aware that each one will vary around at certain ranges based on the other. But is there a power supply out there that can do something like this or maybe plans I could buy and have built? I am not rolling in dough but I have some to spend.

by Jakespeeds
June 19, 2017

I think you are looking for a MASSIVE "current limiting" power supply? I have a good commercial unit that weighs 6 pounds. It has a variable voltage 0-30 volts and current 0-5 amps. If you want 50 amps, you might have to build it yourself or plan to pay many hundreds of dollars... You can get a simple power supply online then add a final stage with HUGE transistors, but 50 amps sounds like a welding machine. This might take you all of your natural years to figure out. What are you using such a power supply for?

by Russ7411
June 28, 2017

2 Answers

Answer by Gwen_Stacys_Scrambled_Brains

With power supplies you will usually have to choose between high voltage and high current. If you want both, the power supply is going to be xbox original huge and be rather expensive.

The variable ones that you can get are usually of the order of 0 - 30V 3 Amp max or 0 to 5 volts 50 Amp max and are pretty affordable and fit easily on a small shelf. When you go beyond that the prices increase can be significant. At least for a variable one it will be expensive.

If you limit your range on either the voltage or amperes it will be a lot easier.

Without knowing the application I can't really say much more. .

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by Gwen_Stacys_Scrambled_Brains
June 21, 2017

Answer by Jakespeeds

Thank you for your reply. It turns out I found a unit that works in the range I require. Its the Volteq HY5050EX. The description you have given is what I was hearing quite a bit. I wish I could give you the application but its not something my partners and I are will to discuss in the detail you would probably need. But I think we have at least found a power supply that lets us do some further work.

Another person suggested looking into a carbon pile. So now I have to do some research on that.

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by Jakespeeds
June 23, 2017

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