Identical circuits, one not working?

Hi there,

I spent a good part of my day debugging a seemingly simple circuit and kept getting weirdly large numbers, spikes, etc in the time-domain readout. I decided to just remake the circuit in a clean project, and wouldn't you know it, it worked just fine. I double checked to make sure that everything was identical, but sure enough, one is broken, and one is not. I thought, perhaps, maybe a wire connection is missing? But I can't spot the difference.

Has anyone else experienced a CircuitLab project accumulating "hidden" state that led to unexpected results? What might I be missing?

Here's the broken one: Here's the working one:

If you hit F5 you get wildly different results, but all the values of the components are identical (as far as I can tell!)

Any tips? I feel crazy. Thanks!

by bvanderveen
December 04, 2023

Well, in posting I knew I'd invoke the demo gods and break my own test case for the bug. I found a differing value in one of the components. Disregard!

by bvanderveen
December 04, 2023

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