Why does my LED lights get brighter after I unplug then replug them back into battery pack?

I am testing the brightness of LED strips and have them wired into battery packs. After 2 days of being lit, I noticed some of them were dimmed. I unplugged them from their battery packs. The next day, I replugged them into their respective battery packs and they were all bright again. Can someone please explain this?

by kimbe02
June 15, 2017

1 Answer

Answer by mrobbins

I believe this is an electrochemical effect inside the battery. Batteries rely on ion mobility within the electrolyte. Letting the battery "rest" allows ion concentrations to diffuse and return to equilibrium, which can yield a higher output voltage when you reconnect the load again.

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by mrobbins
June 17, 2017

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