Simulating a 10K Pot


I am trying to simulate a 10K Pot with expressions to be able to measure the resistor-values of each pin to the wiper.

Shouldn't the setup show a linear behavior with increasing R1val?

Thank you!

LG LeFish

by LeFish
March 12, 2015

Hi LG,

You simulation won't work because you have not used the right syntax to set up your component values and to define a parameter.

You don't need to do it that way anyway.

Please read the (hard to find) CL blogumentation on:

I haven't gone back and used parameters in my original simulations so I don't have an example showing exactly how to do your circuit using them but again you don't have to use them.

Have a look at these simulations to see how to use the CL sweep features to sweep the pot slider position in a simulation:

by signality
March 12, 2015

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