BUG: Switches and Relays no longer simulate accurately

Used CL a decade ago, supported it when subscriptions started, dropped membership when I didn't see implementations or bug fixes happening.

Three weeks ago, registered a new membership to see how things are going. It's worse than when I left nearly a decade ago.

Unlike previously, Switches and relays no longer simulate in accordance with reality.

Vin = 12v, SW/Relay = "Open", NC and NO contacts = 12v. SW/Relay = "Closed", NC and NO contacts = 12v.

Placing a pull-down resistor on the outputs rectifies this in simulation, but is not required in reality.

Imagine if you had to install pull-down resistors on your home light switches just to be able to have them turn off, otherwise both positions always powered your lighting.


I've just wasted 3 weeks of my life chasing my tail about why circuits I built on my breadboard using xPDT switches and relays behave as expected on my breadboard, but are an absolute failure on CL Simulation in DC and Time Domain.

I'm sure there will be no fix forthcoming, nor any refund for how useless the service has been for me these last 3 weeks.

by dj6502
February 13, 2024

Indeed, this seems to be a bug. I hope that Mr. Evans has enough love for this project to fix this bug. And of course care for other bugs and features.

by Dan.Ka
February 22, 2024

I'm a new member and a little concerned that this site is dead, if a post like this does not receive attention from leadership. Did I make a mistake signing up?

by JohnKoz
February 23, 2024

This site works as it is. There's been no further development in recent years, though.

by Dan.Ka
February 26, 2024

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