what am i not getting?

Simple circuit. non-sensical graph. What am I missing with this simulator? https://www.circuitlab.com/circuit/nkuku5/wtf-part2/

by doctorwhen
August 28, 2014

I'm not getting your circuit link.

by Garrett
August 29, 2014


Have you deleted, renamed or not made your circuit public?

Is this the same question as in:


If so, it has been aswered here:


(I mistyped @doctorwhen so there would have been no email alert to say so.)


by signality
August 29, 2014


Thanks for your help. I was (I hate to admit) confused but when I considered your response and the Help section I came back to realizing what also took me a while to understand back when I used MultiSim years ago. I adjusted my timings and everything is as one would expect. Thanks again. I see you have a number of posts that have a lot of valuable info. I really do enjoy Circuit Lab and find that my yearly subscription is WELL worth it!!

by doctorwhen
August 30, 2014

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