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Name Garrett Cassidy
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High Powered LED MOSFET


by Garrett | updated August 09, 2020

Adjustable constant current sink

Adjustable constant current sink PUBLIC

Adjustable constant current sink

by Garrett | updated June 08, 2015

MCU dimmer circuit

MCU dimmer circuit PUBLIC

by Garrett | updated May 13, 2015

PI UART communication

PI UART communication PUBLIC

by Garrett | updated April 26, 2015

IMU setup


by Garrett | updated April 12, 2015

Work Chess timer

Work Chess timer PUBLIC

by Garrett | updated February 28, 2015

Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench PUBLIC

by Garrett | updated September 19, 2014

soundcard oscilloscope

soundcard oscilloscope PUBLIC

by Garrett | updated March 07, 2014

Micro SD AD logger

Micro SD AD logger PUBLIC

by Garrett | updated April 06, 2013

MIC Check


My friend and I built this circuit for measuring how loud it got in the mechanical engineering computer cluster when the underclassmen where between classes. The circuit worked OK, it’s almost...

by Garrett | updated February 02, 2013

microphone   volume  

D to A with bit shift register and AD557

D to A with bit shift register and AD557 PUBLIC

Method for converting digital number to an analog output. Using a bit shift register and a digital to analog chip (AD557)

by Garrett | updated November 26, 2012