Circuit becomes uneditable after naming a node


I've recently noticed a (new?) bug when labeling nodes in a circuit with the Name Node label. Specifically, sometimes when placing the label on a node and then changing the name on the label, all elements currently placed in the circuit become un-moveable and un-editable. So new elements can be placed into the schematic but then they will immediately become fixed and unchangeable, and I haven't found a way to fix it.

From what I can tell it seems more likely to happen if you label and then rename a floating node. For example, the following steps consistently cause this error for me:

  1. Place a current source (probably any two terminal will work).
  2. Place a label at one of the nodes.
  3. Rename the label to anything.

Then the error will manifest. I've used Circuitlab fairly regularly since last summer and I never saw this before maybe a week ago.

Here's a circuit where this happened to me: I'm not sure if others opening the circuit will see the issue unfortunately.

Thanks in advance!

by nzk
February 20, 2021

Hi @nzk, thank you for the bug report! I was able to reproduce the issue.

I just tracked this one down (a weird one -- it only happened to certain users adding certain components in a particular order) and I was able to push a fix out a few minutes ago. If you save your work and refresh the editor you'll be fine going forward.

Please give it a try when you get a chance and let me know if you are still able to reproduce the bug!

by mrobbins
February 21, 2021

Hi @mrobbins, thanks a lot for the quick response, I tried out some circuit building and I didn't see the error so it looks like it's fixed!

I was pretty surprised to suddenly see this issue consistently since I'd have thought I would see it before. Out of curiosity does this have something to do with only certain users being affected?

by nzk
February 21, 2021

Hi @nzk, it was a recent issue introduced by a new toolbox search feature just a few days ago. See

It was a strange bug because it only affected people who double-clicked a node name label before they double-clicked a different component, which is why we didn't catch it in testing.

by mrobbins
February 21, 2021

Hi @mrobbins- I see, I do nearly always immediately click on a node label to rename right after I place it before clicking on anything else, so makes sense that I would have seen it so consistently. Interesting stuff!

by nzk
February 21, 2021

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