Voltage Drop Across 0 Ohm SPDT switches?

Good afternoon,

I am having a hard time creating just a simple series circuit. Why is it that 8 12V batteries in series are creating only 30V and not 96V? It seems that there are significant voltage drops across the switches even though they are set to be an ideal switch at 0 Ohms. I am new to Circuit Lab and am a mechanical engineer so there are likely some silly mistakes that I am making.

See link to circuit below: https://www.circuitlab.com/circuit/t8424c43em3h/autosave-2021-02-02t22_12_19_592z/

Thank you!

by camneal
February 06, 2021

Hi @camneal, it appears that you've repeated the node name labels Bank1 and Bank2 twice each.

This is the same as connecting a wire between those two Bank1 points -- they are one node.

When I rename two of your node names to be Bank3 and Bank4, I find 96V as expected. Hope that helps!

by mrobbins
February 06, 2021

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