Simple RC circuit not simulating correctly

New to circuit lab. This is probably a novice mistake. This simple circuit is not simulating correctly.

by spudwheelie
November 20, 2020

You are on the right track, with a few suggestions. Note that your time constant, tc, =.0001sec. This means that by .0005 seconds, the capacitor should be ~fully charged. Therefore, if you want to see the charging, you need to shorten your time interval. I also like to see the simulation start with no activity and then have the circuit begin to function. Adding the switch allows this to happen. I turn the switch on at .0001sec, or 100ms, and the full time interval is 1000ms. You can see the charging and the capacitor at its "fully charged" state before the simulation ends.

Try running my mods to your circuit. Hopefully it gives you what you want.

by jaf2009
November 23, 2020

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