Just finished perusing CircuitLab. Well done, guys! Yet another innovative, interactive method of learning, practicing, creating, and sharing. Wow!

Bugs ... kinks ... new directions, etc. will, I'm sure, unfold into continuing, exciting, and dynamic progression into an astounding circuit tool for all who choose to utilize it. Can hardly wait til I've time to EXPLORE this new tool rather than merely peruse it!


by grs
February 28, 2012

Hi Roger, thanks! Looking forward to seeing how people use it :)

by mrobbins
February 28, 2012

Great job guys! I've been going through some OLD electronics guides and can't wait to test the circuits out.

by pcbolt
February 28, 2012

Having used this for a few hours I have to say, WOW. Great job, and really useful. I've had a project I've been trying to get some work done on recently and I've made great progress with CL. Thanks for all the hard work.

by bleAuct
March 01, 2012

Timing could not be better. This is really great. I've been struggling with the analysis software aspect of a beginning circuits class I'm teaching. Some students have PCs some Macs and both free options are not optimal. The fact that there was not one universal platform made it difficult to help half the class.

This is perfect for what I was looking for. I appreciate how you have kept it SPICE-y and not buried it too deep under an attempted UI work around. Really beautiful. Thank you.

by dsdtzero
March 01, 2012

What a great tool. I am having so much fun with It. It is so easy to use and the graphics look great. I can think of so many ways to use it. Prototyping, optimizing, presenting, demonstrating, experimenting, learning....... Thanks for all your hard work.

by shawt
March 03, 2012

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