Exporting Images SOLVED

What is the trick to export an image. I can export to a PDF just fine, but I want to use the image in a word document. When I try to copy the image and paste it into my document, nothing appears.

by kevreids
February 01, 2016

I always the drop down next to 'Print/Export' then 'Save PNG' causing a new tab to open with the image after clicking 'OK' to the resolution. Then to your point, it would be nice to right click and select copy image, so you can paste it into another document, but nope. I just save the image to my computer then drag the image into the document. Its more steps but in some cases I like to have the image save as a standalone file.

by Garrett
February 01, 2016

In the Editor:

File > Export PNG

Accept the PNG Width question.

New browser window opens showing the PNG image.

Right-click on the image, not the space round it, left-click on Copy image.

Paste image straight into your target document.

Works for me in Chrome.and Firefox.


by signality
February 02, 2016

Thank you Garrett. Thank you signality. I appreciate your insight. Have a great day!

by kevreids
February 02, 2016

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