555 output doesn't follow Vcc

Dear friends,

I've made an 555 PWM Generator, to simulate a real-life project, and it worked almost perfectly. Doesn't matter what voltage I use for the Vcc pin, the output is always limited by 5V. Obviously, using Vcc voltages that are OK according the datasheet.

Sure, 5V is the most usual voltage used for this kind of circuit, but, to drive a power MOSFET gate, 15V would be better. Anyway, depends of the project.

Take a look:


Well... what you guys think? For me, it's a bug that CircuitLab could easily fix =P

It would be very nice if it was fixed. 555 is a IC used in lots of projects, with lots of configurations.

by GabrielPauka
April 21, 2016

I first pointed this out in December 2012.

Please see:



Please also see:



I wouldn't hold your breath for a fix...


by signality
April 21, 2016

Oh boy... this isn't good. Since Dec. 2012? And CL didn't fixed that? I have to admit that this is disappointing... anyway, maybe if we keep bringing this discussion back every time, CL maybe fix it?

And nice work doing a 555 from scrap! It is very cool.


by GabrielPauka
April 21, 2016

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