Differential circuit Frequency Response

I am trying to get a Frequency Domain Simulation of a differential circuit but I can't figure out the proper setup. I am new to CircuitLab and I am not sure if it is a configuration issue or differential circuit simulation is not available in CircuitLab.
The input voltage is the difference between Vin_0 and Vin_1. How do I specify this as the input voltage for the frequency domain simulator?

Link to the circuit:

February 06, 2023

Hi @STEVE_MTH, I can't see your circuit -- you may need to make it public first.

Here's an example of a frequency domain simulation with differential input and output:

You can try both the frequency domain and time domain simulations.

The trick is that under the Frequency Domain tab, I set input to V1 0.5 0 V2 0.5 180 which specifies that both of my inputs are active AC sources, with magnitude 0.5 each, and phase 0 and 180 degrees respectively.

See the documentation as well.

by mrobbins
February 06, 2023

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