Voltmeter & Ammeter Does Not Indicate

Using a very simple unregulated DC power supply, I have successfully run Time-Domain Simulation with good results. However, connecting voltmeter and ammeter to output, the meters always show 0.0 volts/amps when using the DC simulator.
I set the meters to read V/I and hover over the meter nodes into the gray circle and it appears in the expression list. Also, hovering over any other node always shows 0.0 volts/amps. I've read all the threads about this (not many) and tried many different ways of doing it; but No Joy.

by tulsultant
November 27, 2020

I'm having a similar problem!

by Koen_Van_de_moortel
December 29, 2020

Can you make your circuit public, and then share it here via the [circuitlab]...[/circuitlab] link?

by mrobbins
December 29, 2020

Hello Mr Robbins

I have made the circuit public. I think I placed it to the CircuitLab Share link but I don't see it and don't know where it has gone to.

Thanks, cliff

by tulsultant
December 29, 2020

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