Using transformers on my workbench

I am a complete novice, trying to learn about modern electronics and circuits. I cannot figure out how to set up a transformer, using the parameters that are offered on the 2 transformers which the workbench toolkit offers. I thought v2 = N2/N1 x v1 was all I needed, to step up or step down voltage across a transformer.

Can anyone walk me through setting up a transformer for my circuit?

Thank you,


by botsina1
November 24, 2014

Transformers can be quite confusing for the novice anyway.

Transformers in CL are really confusing.

These might help:

For info you might also like to have a look at this:


by signality
November 25, 2014

Thank you. I will check these links out when I have time. I appreciate your help.

by botsina1
November 25, 2014

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