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The CL transformer symbol can be confusing. The series of circuits:
Understanding the CL transformer symbol 01
Understanding the CL transformer symbol 03

attempt to provide help on understanding how to use and understand the transformer symbol in CL.


Using the CL transformer symbol and model to make a 1:2 turns ratio transformer with a 1H primary inductance. To do this in the CL symbol we must set N = 0.5.

Because it is not an ideal DC transformer, the effect of the primary inductance must be taken into account.

The frequency is set to 1 Rad/s so that the reactance of the primary inductance equals 1 Ohm, i.e. the primary voltage has been attenuated to 1/sqrt(2) of the 1V pk-pk input signal.

Because the transformer is a 1:2 step up:

V(sec) = 2*V(pri)

To set the transformer parameters, either:

Double-click on the symbol


Right-click > Edit parameters

and then enter the parameters in the relevant text boxes.

Note that:

i) the secondary is open circuit. ii) A 1:M turns ratio transformer with a primary inductance of Lpri will have a secondary inductance of Lpri*M^2

Simulate > Time Domain > Run Time-Domain SImulation

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