Wien OP

I have done this circuit

But it just don't work. I mean it does not oscilate....

Some one can help me to understand what is the trouble?

Thank you!

by everett
August 17, 2013


Have you solved the problem yet? I kind of found a way to make it oscillate, however, not sure it is really a correct method. If you have not found a way to make it work yet, please let me know. I think I can point you a few things.

by mrmcu101
June 02, 2014

Probably way too late by now but searching the CL forum is always a good idea:

Pity someone removed the amplitude controlled example though ...

Also try looking for:



by signality
June 02, 2014

Hi Signality,

In fact, I checked the link before, but only the first circuit by "antiat" worked, and the rest two did not work.

However, the amplitude from the circuit by "antiat" seems to slowly fades away.

Now, I revisited the link again, and selected "Skip Initial" to "Yes", then I can see the rest two ("AlexeyF", "Benek") also works correctly.

Maybe this "Skip Initial" option was added recently?


by mrmcu101
June 02, 2014

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