Building Blocks of a Computer (noob)

Here are my first four sketches. I'm currently in college and just learned these last week. They should be correct.

I love this site. :)

by nikescar
March 03, 2012

Nice looking circuits, nikescar. I'm taking a digital design class right now and we just learned those last week, also. I've mainly been using CircuitLab to try out all the opamps we're learning in Network Analysis.

by joelmathewson
March 03, 2012

Thanks Joel.

This is my attempt at a left/right select-able shifter. It seems like there should be an easier way but I couldn't come up with it.

by nikescar
March 08, 2012


I'm willing to help create an open-source-computer.

Here are som of my Circuits:

I'm open for comments...


by EjderH
July 13, 2012

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