Need help with cheap power supply

I reversed engineered this power supply I have some basic questions. 1. cannot be solved . Why? 2. I measured the transformer and inputted the values in the transformer windows. Is that the correct way? This power supply rated 240 volt 50 cycle and output is 12 v DC and 250 ma. The transformer output was 36 V N=310/36=8.6

Your help will be greatly appreciated

by arishy
May 18, 2014

just for starters, when a simulation wont run I start deleting things and start from the beginning. Make sure the output of you voltage source is working, then the transformer, and so on.

by Garrett
May 18, 2014

Ammeter AM1 is shorted by a wire across it (move it to see the wire).

Ammeters in CL are basically 0V sources. Since voltage sources in CL (and in spice) are ideal zero resistance sources, if you short them they generate infinite currents. This isn't then generates an error. The real problem here is that CL's error message gives you no clue that this is what is happening.

Remove the short across the ammeter and off you go.


by signality
May 18, 2014

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