How to simulate an Electric guitar tone control?


This is my first time here and the Circuit Lab is great!

I don't know much about electronics but am trying to understand how an electric guitar's tone control works and simulate it in Circuit Lab.

So far I have made a circuit based on a wiring diagram.

This is the circuit is:

R1 is in fact a 250K log pot and R7/R6 are a 250K linear pot voltage divider.

Now I'd like to see how the circuit actually reduces the high frequencies but I have no idea how to do this... I've been clicking all over and can't seem to get anywhere...

Any help would be great!

Thanks, Bob

by gratefulfrog
February 16, 2013


Welcome to CL.


Try entering:



tone stack

into the CL Search box at the top of the page.

Look at:

by signality
February 16, 2013


Thanks for those links... It's still muddy for me though, alas my ignorance.

All I wanted to do was see how varying the pot and the capacitor would change the output signal if the input signal frequency varied...

For example, what value of R and C would take off everything over 5KHz...

I'm sure there must be a way, but I don't see it...

Thanks again, Bob

by gratefulfrog
February 16, 2013

Read the CL documentation.

Look at the examples above.

Run this:


You're not going to overwrite anyone's files so just play with them. Hack them about, make you own copies.



Have fun.

by signality
February 16, 2013


Thanks so much for this working example of what I need!

You have made my life much better, and my sincere thanks go out to you!

Tomorrow, I'll try to read the CL documentation and move forward with my designs!

This is another great example of how the world is filled with nice people wanting to help out!

Ciao, Bob

by gratefulfrog
February 16, 2013

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