bypassable latching switch - How do I simulate

I'm designing a guitar pedal that has the option to be used in either latching mode, or momentary mode, with a single footswitch. There will be a second switch that changes the mode. How do I simulate the two switches in different states? I need the following:

Momentary mode:

Latch off, footswitch down -> signal on

Latch off, footswitch up -> signal off

Latch Mode:

Latch on, footswitch down -> signal on

Latch on, footswitch up -> no change

Latch on, footswitch down -> toggle signal (this mode needs to oscillate a few times)

So how would I go about simulating this in Circuit Lab?

by jayfehr
September 01, 2015

This sort of thing might help get you started:

by signality
September 01, 2015

In order to use those I can't use the same switch types that'll be used in my final design.

I get that this is how to do it, but I find it to be a hack.

Thanks for your reply

by jayfehr
September 01, 2015

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