Feature request: Drawing arrows

It would be nice to able to draw arrows to indicate current flow directions. This is very useful in teaching.

by pierweb
April 15, 2013

At 130415, CL does not permit the drawing of diagonal or arbitrary lines.

So here's a way to draw arrows until it does!

Note that rotated arrows may not end up quite where you expect.


by signality
April 15, 2013

Thx... I thought about something more "high-tech"... like... real arrows... ;o)

by pierweb
April 21, 2013

Arrows are now available under "Annotation Tools" inside the toolbox for all subscribers!

by mrobbins
June 28, 2013


by pierweb
June 28, 2013

Has anyone had problem drawing an arrow? I try dragging the arrow icon over to the drawing area, but it won't create an object. Sometimes it works.

by pujol
November 06, 2016

Works okay for me. Click on the arrow in annotation tools, then on the circuit click at A and drag to B, this creates an arrow from A to B. Like drawing a wire.

by mikerogerswsm
November 07, 2016

Oh! I see! thank you. User Error! (I was using more like Powerpoint where you drop down a default size then resize it). Thanks again!

by pujol
November 08, 2016

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