CircuitLab Gets “Smarter” Wires

Jun 21 2013, 6:00 PM PDT · 1 comment »

One of CircuitLab’s guiding design principles is to “make the easy things easy, and the hard things possible.” Today we are rolling out a feature that makes diagramming your circuits in CircuitLab much more intuitive and user-friendly. Known informally within our team as “Smart Wires”, the feature is a series of heuristics that auto-select wires, move components, and create new wires in an attempt to anticipate a user's intention. It also makes improvements to the way new wires are created and edited.

When developing new features, we take care to keep ultimate control of the design with the user. These are your designs, and we’re just here to make it easier for you meet your technical goals. In keeping with this idea, “smart” wires stretch at the right places when the component it’s attached to is dragged and certain “smart” components know to move together as a group. But we have taken care to do this only when it makes sense, and never at the expense of less user control. If CircuitLab’s new Smart Wires feature isn’t doing what you expected, simply press ALT to cancel the auto-selection and proceed as normal.

Smart Wires in action - connected "do the right thing" when you drag an element.

“Smart Wires” are currently available to all of our CircuitLab premium subscribers, who will have a chance to preview the feature and offer suggestions for tweaks and fixes. We’ll also be offering a limited trial to all of our users. Upgrade Today to get unlimited access!

Until next time,

The CircuitLab Team


I actually think it should be free to everyone. It would make more users use this, as it would make more free things.

by LordOfTheGeeks
June 26, 2013

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